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socialintrovertstumblerMany of us have more to say than we voice outloud. Sometimes, we get talking amongst people we sense will listen and understand us. Sometimes we are right and our words do not fall on the wrong ears. Often enough, our brave moment sharing our inner thoughts, results in a room of people staring at us, dumbfounded. Either way, contrary to popular opinion, we can talk your face off.

And then we STFU.


It’s Friday-Time to Party! (And by Party, I mean…)

Party(My take on a popular meme)

Whatever the f*ck you want

Today I watched the documentary “The Punk Singer” about one of my childhood sheros, Kathleen Hanna.

I’m not sure how she identifies: I imagine as an Extrovert but she has definitely become more Introverted over the years, due to health concerns and lyme disease. She even created the Julie Ruin album alone, in her bedroom. But Kathleen is still a force to be reckoned with and has words that can inspire.

I’m including a little homemade meme of her quote, because she is an Extrovert that can inspire the quietest of feminist and womanist leaning Intros. She uses her OutgoingĀ for Awesome. And fear of criticism stops us from growth, even if the critic is ourselves.


(Still from “Oh Come On” video by Julie Ruin)

Speaking of, check out the blog by an Introverted RiotGrrrl @QuiotGrrrl, who is having her very own Quiet Rrrevolution.