Power in Introversion (if you know where to look)



Laurie Helgoe was the first writer I read who described the scientific aspects of the Intro/Extro spectrum. For more on that, this site is super awesome. It examines brain patterns and dopamine vs acetylcholine, or, the two dominant neurotransmitters of extroverts and introverts. Fascinating.



Bill + Bill = Spectrum


Followed by Shushes…


socialintrovertstumblerMany of us have more to say than we voice outloud. Sometimes, we get talking amongst people we sense will listen and understand us. Sometimes we are right and our words do not fall on the wrong ears. Often enough, our brave moment sharing our inner thoughts, results in a room of people staring at us, dumbfounded. Either way, contrary to popular opinion, we can talk your face off.

And then we STFU.