If it makes you feel bad, it is not good for you


Many people force themselves to stay in situations no longer serving them. Sometimes, we have little choice-a job or a place to live for example. But if something  consistently leaves you wishing you were something else or that someone would understand your ideas if you were only louder, more charismatic, a better networker, etc , it may be time to work towards something that values your strengths.

This is true for jobs, housing, relationships, groups you volunteer with etc. If you feel like you need to be someone else to be valued, leave. Or start planning your escape. We do our best work when we are loved and valued. Why put up with anything less in the long term?


Striking Silence

silent_1421649880Sometimes we remain quiet. For our own good. And not to rock the boat.

In this New Year, make a pledge to yourself to speak up when you need to. What you observe and notice may go ignored if you do not speak your truth. Eventually, you will find those that can truly hear the remarkable things you have to say.

So there 😀