Introvert Awareness Month

I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!

Apparently, someone somewhere decided that January 2nd is World Introvert Day. I’m voting for the entire month of January to be Introvert Awareness Month. With that in mind, I had the intent of sharing a new Introvert related meme or quote each day. I noticed a typo on (“Let your friends now about World Introvert Day”). And then Life happened.

So, today is the 7th and I figure, heck, there is a fair amount of January left if I hop on my own bandwagon and get to work. I will be sharing 7 memes today and another daily for the rest of the month. Most of the memes posted, I have created. You won’t see the standard images already in heavy rotation. Instead, the graphics here will dive deeper into Introversion than our need for alone time or dislike of group work.

First off, I’ll start with a beautiful little illustration by Gemma Correll. Until the next post, I’ll be floating down the River of Daydreams…

introvert heart by gemma correll


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